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The Charlevoix Geological Trail is a directory of interesting geological and/or geomorphological sites to visit on your own.

All sites have been documented by scientists specializing in the sector.

This directory is accessible via the geofiches that you will find further down on this page.


Geosites of the Astroblème sector

Petite-Rivière-St-François 1: Mont des Éboulements seen from the Massif

Isle-aux-Coudres 1: The shales of Pointe-de-l'Islet

Isle-aux-Coudres 2: An intruder in the Appalachians

Isle-aux-Coudres 3: The limestones of Bout-d'en-Bas

Baie-St-Paul 1: Baie-St-Paul between sea and mountains

Baie-St-Paul 2: Erosion in action in the Gouffre Valley

Baie-St-Paul 3: Paleodelta of the Rivière du Gouffre

Baie-St-Paul 4: Rhythmites of St-Placide

St-Urbain 1: Former ilmenite mines of St-Urbain

St-Urbain 2: Panorama of the Astroblème

St-Urbain 3: The valley of the Grands-Jardins

St-Urbain 4: Quartz of the cake

St-Hilarion 1: Fractures of meteorite origin

St-Hilarion 2: The enclosure of the Astroblème

The Landslides 1: Impactites of Cap-aux-Oies

Les Éboulements 2: Percussion cones of Cap-à-la-Corneille

La Malbaie 1: View of the impact point of the meteorite

La Malbaie 2: The Cap Blanc of Pointe-au-Pic

La Malbaie 3: The paleomarmites of Pointe-au-Pic

La Malbaie 4: Oil and gas in La Malbaie

La Malbaie 5: Cap-à-la-Baleine Discordance

La Malbaie 6: The marine fauna of Cap-à-la-Baleine

La Malbaie 7: Dynamics of the ancient seabed

La Malbaie 8: The impactites of the northeast border  

Geosites of the North-East sector

Port-au-Saumon 1: Working

Port-au-Persil 1: The Port-au-Persil amphiblite dyke (Working)

St-Siméon 1: Pierrier des Palisades (Working)

St-Siméon 2: The meanders of the Black River (In work)

Baie-Ste-Catherine 1: The metamorphism of Pointe-Noire (In work)

Baie-Ste-Catherine 2: La Pointe-aux-Alouettes (Working)  

You are solely responsible for your own safety at all times.

Geolocation should not replace your eyes, ears and common sense.


Under no circumstances will the Charlevoix Geological Trail, nor its partners  cannot be held responsible for accidents that may have occurred during your visits to the sites that we have documented.


The sites are not visited regularly by our organization. We cannot guarantee that these sites are secure. Look at this example that arrived in 2016.


Moreover, information on the usual conditions of the land or any hypertext link referring you to a site to verify these conditions does not bind the Parcours Géologic de Charlevoix.

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