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2019 Theme:


A tormented geology

At 10 minutes from the Observatory, along the St. Lawrence River, a geology reflecting the troubled past of Charlevoix awaits you.


13 different rock outcrops will be visited during a guided tour in a magical and quiet setting! This will be an opportunity to better understand the geology of the area and live it!


The excursion is on foot. It is 3 km long and lasts about 2:30. It sometimes requires to walk on rugged terrain (see pictures).


Rates: 8-14 years $ 10, 15 years and over $ 20. All taxes included. Schedule: Wednesdays and weekends in the summer, in am or pm depending on the tides. See the calendar below.


Introduce yourself at the Observatory 15 minutes in advance.


Other excursions are possible at other times. You must reserve by telephone at least 48 hours in advance.

The activity lasts approximately 3 hours. Plan to wear warm clothes!


* If, despite the forecasts, the sky gets cloudy during the evening, a pass will be given to return for free during the season.


Rates: 0-5 years: $ 0, 6-14 years $ 8, 15 years and over $ 16. All taxes included.

Far from being an extreme expedition, this excursion is still inappropriate for young people under 8, for physically less fit people and / or people with balance problems or fragile ankles. Please look at the photos to give you an idea of ​​the terrain.


Dress appropriately for the weather, have good sneakers and do not forget the sunscreen if it's sunny. Bring your backpack if you want to gather some specimens. For the rest, we will ensure!


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