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Science@CECCis a charitable organization for the advancement of education incorporated in March 2009 by the Department of Natural Sciences of Centre d'études collégiales en Charlevoix (CECC). It is therefore an organization associated with the highest educational institution in Charlevoix.

Summer activities for the general public are led by current or former students of the Centre d'études collégiales en Charlevoix. Our interpretive workforce is therefore available until the school year starts.
The experience that our visitors live and the educational content are designed by Jean-Michel Gastonguay, professor of physics and astronomy. 

board of directors

Administrator / Pierre Verpaelst

Retired geologist

Administrator / David Villeneuve

Former CECC student, pharmacist

Administrator / Marc-Olivier Bouchard

Former CECC student, engineer

Administrator / Sébastien Savard

Pedagogical Advisor, Formation Continue Charlevoix

Chair / Jean-Michel Gastonguay

Professor of Physics and Astronomy, CECC

Secretary-treasurer / Gabriel Giguère

Professor of Chemistry, CECC

Administrator / Philippe Poinlane

Professor of Mathematics, CECC

Administrator / Geneviève Laurin

Professor of Biology, CECC

Administrator / Pierre-Alexis Lapointe

Professor of administrative techniques, CECC


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“UNESCO World Year of Astronomy”: 10 interpretation panels are installed along the “Le Fleuve” trail at the Fairmont le Manoir Richelieu. With a length of 3 km, and baptized Walk at the speed of light, the panels and their reduced models of planets reproduce the Solar System on a scale of 1: 1,500,000,000.  This was an innovative project since it was made possible thanks to a tripartite partnership between the CECC, Fairmont le Manoir Richelieu and the Casino de Charlevoix. Inauguration in the presence of astrophysicist Hubert Reeves, and publicized at the time by the Canadian Commission for UNESCO.


Opening of the Observatoire Astronomique de Charlevoix, with the same partners. Public summer theme: “Day-to-day astronomy”. 2 CECC students find full-time summer employment there. In 2011, two themes were added: "Since the Moons" and "Head in the stars". Implementation of astronomy activities for school groups (faithful to the progression of learning in Earth and space sciences of the Ministry of Education) and private conferences for delegates.


Public summer season at the Observatoire Astronomique with the theme: “Charlevoix – A region sculpted by the sky”. The theme will become the premise for the future development of a discovery center for the Astroblème de Charlevoix.


Sciences@CECC actively participates in the Carrefour des Savoirs de Charlevoix, an NPO created to help support organizations dedicated to science in Charlevoix-Est. The result is the Observatoire de l'Astroblème de Charlevoix thanks to a grant from the Regional Tourism Partnership Agreement, and several partnerships such as the one with the Observatoire de la Géosphère de Charlevoix*.


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Sciences@CECC signs a management and operating contract for the Observatoire de l'Astroblème de Charlevoix with the Carrefour des savoirs de Charlevoix. At this time, we have 4 scientific animators employed full-time during the summer period to hold the activities of the two observatories. The Observatoires de l'Astroblème de Charlevoix is already the Quebec reference on meteorite impacts. The Observatoire de l'Astroblème is of interest to the Canadian Space Agency (training of astronaut David St-Jacques on meteorite impacts). Training of naturalist guides from the Hautes-gorges-de-la-Rivière-Malbaie and Grands-Jardins national parks on the Astroblème de Charlevoix. 


Setting up the “discovery of geology” excursion on the Cap-à-l'Aigle foreshore. Participation in the Global Geoparks Conference in September in St-John, New Brunswick: presentation, during a conference, of the potential of the sites and landscapes of the Astroblème de Charlevoix to be highlighted according to the UNESCO Global Geopark concept . Idea very well received.


We become a charity for the advancement of education. Online publication of the Charlevoix geological trail, with a website and an application for smart phones.


The theme of the Observatoire de l'Astroblème de Charlevoix is reviewed with a field geology approach "In the footsteps of a cataclysm". A Geopark committee has been set up with people from the region and members of Sciences@CECC. Several meetings were held to advance the project. Sciences@CECC agrees with the Observatoire de la Géosphère de Charlevoix to become the exclusive promoter of the Charlevoix Geopark project, led until now by the OGC. Furthermore, Sciences@CECC is now part of the “Culture at school” directory.for “Earth and Space” school activities of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.


Sciences@CECC receives a grant from the Regional Tourism Partnership Agreement, combined with grants from the 2 MRCs to conduct a feasibility study for a Charlevoix Geopark. We receive letters of support from the UNESCO Charlevoix Biosphere Reserve, Tourisme Charlevoix and Fairmont le Manoir Richelieu.


Feasibility study for the Charlevoix Geopark completed. Search for funding to set the whole project in motion.

​ The following year, in addition to continuing to operate the Observatories with all their educational activities, we set up the first draft of the Charlevoix Geopark.


The Astronomical and Astroblème Observatories of Charlevoix, operated by Sciences@CECC, are often confused with the non-profit Observatoire de la Géosphere de Charlevoix (OGC).


The big Espace Hubert Reeves (EHR) project, which we would like to see realized, is led by the OGC, not by Sciences@CECC. A member of our Board also sits on that of the OGC, providing the communication channel.

NEQ :1165748691, ARC : 804838621RP0001

Sciences@CECC is a charitable organization for the advancement of education established in March 2009 by the Department of Natural Sciences of the Centre d'études collégiales en Charlevoix (CECC). Sciences@CECC has three objectives:


  1. Promote education in the field of natural sciences by operating a science center for general audiences as well as by organizing interactive activities for students and the general public.

  2. Contribute to the development of scientific culture in the Charlevoix region, in conjunction with the Center d'études collégiales en Charlevoix.

  3. To allow CECC students to have work experiences relevant to their future career.

Concerning the point #3, all summer public activities are animated by our students team, under the supervision of their physics and astronomy teacher.


The board of directors of Sciences @ CECC consists of nine members:

  1. Jean-Michel Gastonguay, president and founder. Physics and astronomy teacher, CECC.

  2. Philippe Poinlane, administrator. Mathématics teacher, CECC.

  3. Gabriel Giguère, secretary-treasurer. Chemistry teacher, CECC.

  4. Geneviève Laurin, administrator. Biology teacher, CECC.

  5. , administratrice. A CECC former student. Sciences teacher in Charlevoix high schools.

  6. Marc-Olivier Bouchard, administrator. A CECC former student. Ingeneer at À chacun son pain.

  7. David Villeneuve, administrator. A CECC former student. Pharmacist owner.

  8. Sébastien Savard, administrator. CECC's coordinator.

  9. Pierre Verpaelst, administrator. Retired geologist from Ministère de ressources naturelles du Québec.

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