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Frequently Asked Questions

I think I found a meteorite! Is it possible?


If you have found a specimen that you think is a meteorite, there are several questions you can ask yourself:

  1. Did you find the piece near a railroad? If so, your piece is probably metallurgical slag, an amalgam of residues from the metallurgical industry.

  2. Is your piece magnetic? If not, the chances that it is indeed a meteorite are extremely low. But beware! Just because it's magnetized doesn't necessarily mean it's a meteorite.

  3. Your piece seems heavy for its size? Meteorites generally have a fairly high density. If your piece is no heavier than any other rock of its size, it's probably not a meteorite.

  4. If you answered 1) no, 2) yes, 3) yes, we will be happy to analyze it for you. We invite you tcome see us, to send us a photo or to contact the University of Alberta, Laval University or the University of Western Ontario, which offer analytical services within their geology departments.

What happens if the sky is not clear for astronomy evenings?


Rain or shine, astronomy evenings take place with a first party indoors. The difference is in the course of the second part: if the sky is clear we go outside and make observations with the telescope. If the sky is overcast, we use a software that allows us to recreate the starry sky inside and we apply a 20% discount on the original price.

Will I get a refund if I cannot attend the activity?


All payments are made on site. If you cannot show up at the time of your reservation, there will therefore be no refund problem. However, we encourage you to call or send us an e-mail to notify us of any cancellations.

Can children attend the presentations?

Children are welcome! For those aged 5 and under, we have a small drawing corner to entertain them during Meteorites! AnDiscovery of the starry sky if they prefer that.

Should I book in advance?


All our activities are upon reservation. However, if you arrive on the premises without a reservation and there are still places, it will be our pleasure to welcome you.
For astronomy evenings we advise you to book at least a week in advance. If the activity is already full when you want to make your reservation, we invite you
to call to be added to the waiting list. We will contact you if places become available.

Do you accept dogs?


Although we love animals, we only accept service dogs.

Are there toilets on site?


A toilet is available via a staircase.

Is it possible to look directly into the telescope?


In order to promote the best possible experience, no observation is made directly in the eyepiece of the telescope. Instead, we project live on a screen everything that the telescope observes.

Is there food available on site?


There is no food available on site. However, we sell bottles of water and soft drinks.

Is it possible to access your facilities on foot from La Malbaie?


As we are located at the top of a large hill, the challenge of getting there on foot is quite impressive. However, it is possible to access our facilities via a path in the forest, the final section of which is of a difficult level: Strolling at the speed of light at the Fairmont le Manoir Richelieu. 

How do I get there?


We are located in the former golf clubhouse of the Fairmont le Manoir Richelieu either at 595 Côte Bellevue (St. Lawrence Route). Our large parking lot also allows us to accommodate charter buses.

Is the establishment accessible to visitors with disabilities?


Our activities Meteorites!, Starry Sky Discovery, and Impact Charlevoix are accessible in wheelchairs. Unfortunately, washrooms are only accessible via a staircase.

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