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Charlevoix - A region sculpted by the sky


About 400 million years ago, a meteorite 4.5 km in diameter struck the Earth, sculpting what early settlers would eventually call Charlevoix .

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This region, a small part of  the future North America, was very different from today. It was also positioned south of the equator!


Such an astronomical event inevitably upsets the landscape, just like the subsoil. Over the past 400 million years, plate tectonics have greatly modified the earth's crust while moving the continents by several thousand kilometers . Also, dozens of ice ages have occurred; glaciers are powerful agents of erosion, not to mention others such as runoff, wind, etc.


To add to the complexity, Charlevoix is at the junction of three of the four major regions of Quebec, which do not have the same geological origin : the Canadian Shield, the Basses-Terres-du-St-Laurent and the Appalachians. The many accessible rocky outcrops of Charlevoix therefore reflect this extraordinary geological diversity .



The Charlevoix Geopark project

The Observatory of the Astroblème de Charlevoix  has been working to introduce all audiences to the tormented past of the Charlevoix region since 2014.

Having the sites and landscapes of international geological significance that Charlevoix possess recognized by UNESCO is therefore the logical follow-up to our work of education, enhancement and protection.


"The region deserves to be a Geopark, and we have the support to make it happen."

Pierre Verpaelst, Ph.D.

Board member of Sciences@CECC , and instigator geologist of the project.

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Mission, vision and values of the future Charlevoix Geopark :


Highlight Charlevoix through its meteorite origin of international geological importance according to the global model of protection, education and sustainable development that are the UNESCO Global Geoparks .




Include Charlevoix in the UNESCO Global Geoparks  by 2024; the first geopark in a meteorite impact crater.




Education and Entertainment


Ownership and Pride

Preservation and posterity


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Sciences@CECC is the NPO that will coordinate and operate the Charlevoix Geopark. A steering committee made up of 13 members of regional recreational tourism organizations will make the major decisions on the Geopark's orientations.


The Observatoire de l'Astroblème de Charlevoix is the regional interpretation center dedicated to demystifying the Astroblème de Charlevoix . The educational aspect of the future Charlevoix Geopark will therefore naturally emanate from this entity.


How?  Several organizations already offer superb recreational tourism activities in the region. In addition to being a unifier, the scientific team of the Observatory  will contribute to adding a fascinating educational component to them, in addition to being complementary from one activity to another.

" Charlevoix, among other things by its extraordinary meteorite origin, constitutes a scar of the formation of the Earth. This must be recognized worldwide as being an emblematic place in the history of our planet."


Jean-Michel Gastonguay M.Sc.

President of Sciences@CECC and founder of the Astroblème de Charlevoix Observatory

Professor of Physics, Astronomy and Earth Sciences at the Center d'études collégiales en Charlevoix



The future operators and partners of the Geopark

The Charlevoix Geopark unites regional recreational tourism and educational forces by helping to add or improve educational components to their activities:

Charlevoix will then be added to the growing list of Canadian UNESCO Geoparks in Percé ,  Stonehammer , T umbler ridge , Cliffs of Fundy and Discovery , as well as that of the  UNESCO Global Geoparks .


Phase 1: summer 2021

The implementation of phase 1 (summer 2021) of the Charlevoix Geopark is financially supported by:



Phase 1: summer 2021

Operation as Charlevoix Geopark with the first operators and federated partners. Establishment of the Geopark Steering Committee.

Phase 2: 2022

Improved version of the Geopark phase one, and visit of the Canadian National Geoparks Committee

Phase 3: 2023

Completed version of the Charlevoix Geopark, revised based on patches submitted by the Canadian National Geoparks Committee.

Visit of representatives of UNESCO Global Geoparks.

Stage 4: 2024

Obtaining the UNESCO Global Geopark label.

Operation as Charlevoix UNESCO Global Geopark

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