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Astrobleme-COUL-Transparent Observatory.
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Located at the heart of an ancient crater, the Observatoire de l'Astroblème de Charlevoix is the best place in Canada to discover meteorite impacts!

Dare to meet the rare and mysterious objects that shape the relief of many celestial bodies, including the Earth: meteorites! Our interactive activity will teach you more about these fascinating objects, which you can even hold in your hands! 


6$ + tax

7 years-old and under: Free

Want to combine some activities? Check all our fees here.

From June 15th to September 8th 2024:

Daily, at 12:00 PM

"We wanted to know the history of the crater and above all to be able to locate it... Well we were served! -136bad5cf58d_animatrices ». -136bad5cf58d_ I really didn't regret this stop!

Shalamako, TripAdvisor

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