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School groups

The Astronomical and Astroblème Observatories of Charlevoix offer educational activities related to Earth and Space Sciences. These are suitable for school groups ranging from pre-school to university, following theProgression of learning in science and technologyof the Ministry of Education.


In class, on the banks of the St. Lawrence River, in the heart of an old seigneurial property or at our interpretation centre, you and your students will experience memorable teaching moments!

Plan your activity with us!

Each class has its own rhythm, each teacher its color! A bit of chatter will ensure the smooth running of the activity and everyone's satisfaction.

Thank you for your interest in our organization, we will contact you as soon as possible!

School workshops

The workshops are offered from September until the end of May. We cover the Charlevoix region as well as the greater Quebec City region.


In class, activities generally last for one period, with the possibility of covering more than one group at a time.

At our interpretation center of the Astronomical Observatories and the Astroblème de Charlevoix, the duration of the activities can be adapted to your needs.

Maximum capacity: 50 students + chaperones

Rates 2023

7$ /eleve/activity

+ taxes*

*Transportation costs of $0.58/km and 15% management fees may apply.


First cycle

Subject P1A: The Cosmic Scale

Subject P1B: Meteorology

P1A: Cosmic scale

Using Google Earth, videos and our software, students will better understand the dimensions of their planet. Very participative workshop! Requires some darkness, surface and projection equipment as well as Internet access.

P1B: Meteorology (also offered as a packageEducational Days)

Students will make connections between the general climate, clouds, seasons, wind and precipitation. Same technical needs.


Second cycle

Subject P2A: Energies

P2B Subject: Earth-Moon System

P2A: Energies (also offered as a packageEducational Days)

Students will make connections between energy sources and renewable and/or non-renewable energy concepts, as well as production methods.

P2B: The Earth-Moon System

The dark side of the Moon will have no more secrets for the students who will follow this workshop! The dynamics of rotation and revolution between the three stars will be explained and modelled.


Third cycle

Subject P3A: Solar System - First Steps

Subject P3B: The Night Sky

P3A: The Solar System and Beyond

A true journey to the heart of our solar system, this workshop allows you to design what the planets, moons, asteroids and comets are!

Needs: equipment and projection surface, a little darkness and WiFi access.

P3B: Introduction to Geology (also offered as a packageEducational Days)

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